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2018: a year in the life of #fTtheFamily

2018 has been a year of growth for the fashionTrade family. A lot of new faces and nationalities joined the team for another year of work and fun. Our HQ now gathers almost 40 employees from 15 different nationalities. With all these new talents on board, we have developed our product and vision at a very quick pace. Between stand-ups, sprints and user review sessions, we had the chance to get to know each other and celebrate in style.

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A few new faces

This year, we had the chance to welcome many new team members. Our fastest-growing teams were our Mobile and Design teams, who tripled and quadrupled in size this year.

Stas and Andre joined Stephen in the Mobile team. Since then, they have been working on our Brand iOS App, allowing our sales reps to speed up the showroom selling process. Darrell, Daniela and Angus joined Magda in the Design team and have already spread their magic across our mobile, tablet and desktop platform. Finally, Anniek joined the Product team as Product Manager. Together with Dan and Bas, she will drive and implement our product vision to develop the best digital B2B wholesaling ecosystem.

From left to right, Stas, Stephen and Andre, our mobile developers.

From left to right, Darrell, Magda, Angus and Daniela, our Design Team working their magic.

Anniek, Product Manager on the left, with Daniela, Designer.

Celebrating in style

This year we worked hard to set a new standard in B2B wholesale trading. We also took the time to socialise and learn more about each other in and around our office. We even set up our very first Social Committee (aka Soco) to ensure that we are celebrating regularly and in style. The great news is that the Soco is already planning events for next year: we just can’t wait!

Summer Party




Every trimester, our Development teams organise a hackathon to boost our creativity and work on innovative projects. We work hard but we always end with a celebration. The amount of effort everyone puts in is on full display in the end-of-day-demo and the numerous drinks we share afterwards. 

Angus, our new Designer, enjoying his first hackathon.

Thanks to all of our #passionTrade team members for their great work and commitment this year! We all look forward to another year of exciting projects and celebrations with the fashionTrade family.

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Would you like to join us for another year of work and play? 

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