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How to use apps to improve sales

How do you keep in touch with your prospective and current clients? Do you use software in addition to your personal contacts?

Sourcing new clients, getting in touch with them and keeping the relationship alive and stable has been at the heart of every sales team. This core of relationship building will never change but we at fashionTrade believe that it can be aided. As a sales representative of your brand how do you best like to spend your day? What are those activities that take 20% of your time but bring the highest gains? We believe that with the increasing availability of technological solutions it becomes more and more easy to figure out the best ways to spend our time and to leverage that time smartly.

There are many apps that make selling easier

One of the biggest issues we all face is time, better said the lack thereof. The morning starts out well, full of plans and enthusiasm for things to do but before you know it it’s already 4pm and your first customers are heading out of their offices. From CRM softwares, to small plugins that connect with your many calendars up to whole ecommerce solutions on which your customers can shop on their own, there are many ways that help you make your processes smoother and faster.

Smarter sourcing

To scout for new brands or retailers a traditional way would be to attend fashion shows throughout the year in different geographical regions or in different target segments but nowadays all is online and tools like ‘mention’, ‘Google Alerts’ or ‘socialmention’ give you insights to news. Mention and Google Alerts lets you monitor your own online reputation as well as for competitors and certain keywords or hashtags – Both tools are set up quickly and will deliver their reports right to your inbox whenever you wish to get insights. Socialmention on the other hand is useful for social media monitoring as the name already suggests. After entering keywords or brand names you will be able to see how this term is mentioned and used across social media platforms and blogs. Through these monitoring tools you will be of the first to detect new, emerging trends and brands or retail locations.

Start the conversation

Ones you have detected new brands or retailers that you would like to get in touch with – How do you go about? Are linkedin and xing useful platforms for you? Do you search through press mentions to find out whom to address yourself to? Does the company’s website already give you information as to whom to direct yourself to? There are CRM platforms that do that for you and help you create a holistic view of your prospects – Take nimble for example which calls itself a social sales tool and connects with your social accounts to deliver all publicly available input to get the whole ‘social’ picture of your prospect. Nimble gives you the context of your contact and once you have started the conversation your context, all past actions and steps that have been taken.

Set up a meeting

All CRM tools follow the logic that once you have started a contact, it becomes time for a phone call or even a meeting, be it one-on-one in the physical world or through a skype or hangout meeting. You can send out invites at the time you have already agreed on but maybe a more elegant way of doing it, would be to give your partner the freedom of choosing from your available slots. With tools like calendly or needtomeet you can send your prospect a simple calendar where he or she gets to pick the time slot that best fits based on your availability. Automatically both your prospects and your calendar, Gmail, iCloud, Outlook and so forth, will be updated and you can be sure before setting the meeting that your prospect will have the time to speak to you.

Follow up

Now that you have had the time to interact with your prospective customer, to show your products and discuss possible ways of working together you need to follow up, by phone, by mail, in person. Everybody has their own speciality and technique and some very clever tools like your CRM will make your life easier helping you remember.
We at fashionTrade go even a step further and give you the possibility not only to follow up but also to directly send the basket your prospect is interested in over to him or her via your smartphone. Imagine you are closing the door to your car after the meeting, you get out your phone from your jacket and you open the fashionTrade App. Based on the conversation you have had you can now pick the styles and items that your prospect is interested in and send them together with a short personal note over to him or her in a few clicks. Your prospect will then be able to view them and once registered on our platform buy them directly through the promotion that you have just sent out. In this way a follow-up turns into a sale!

What is fashionTrade?

A comprehensive b2b ecommerce – We are bringing brands and retailers together in one place to do business lowering the access barrier and increasing margins so that your can expand your business easily to new segments or regions. We are based in the Netherlands and ready to include brands and retailers from all over Europe.

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