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How to create a wholesale women’s clothing website

As a clothing brand you cater directly to your final consumer but your business with other companies is just as important. Not to worry if you haven’t placed much focus on it yet though, the team at FashionTrade are here to help you work on improving your b2b relationships. How does your sales team deal currently manage b2b customers? Have you thought about offering a self-service solution in the form of a wholesale e-commerce site where your customers can shop for themselves? Let’s dive a little deeper!

How to create a wholesale women’s clothing website?

To offer a website to your wholesale customers, the first thoughts should go to the requirements. What does your website need?

  • A catalogue that shows your merchandise
  • The option to order (via an add to cart or by filling out a form)
  • Confirmation of the order, check-up with your warehouse, payment options and shipping information

First of all, you will want to showcase your collections with text description, images, attributes like colors, materials and sizes and of course the price. This will allow your customers to get an overview of your products and to mix & match to suit their assortment. If you offer size packs, collections that are never out of stock or special pre-orders for the next season, this should also be clear on your website.
Once your customer has seen your products and is interested in purchasing, your wholesale women’s clothing site will need to be able to offer the option to order. Initially you could work with an order form, a simple excel spreadsheet or an online form (via typeform or google forms) that can be filled out. But if you want to offer a more sophisticated solution, you should think about a checkout process. In most cases, such a process includes a cart page with an overview of the order, next steps to introduce billing and shipping information and lastly the option to pay directly.

In the background, before you can even offer your products, you should make sure you have enough stock to fulfill the orders. Another important task your website should perform is communication: Before your customers can place an order they should be able to reach you and after an order is placed, you should stay in touch (automatically) with information on the order’s status and shipping.

Get started building a wholesale women’s clothing website

When preparing a wholesale women’s clothing website you have different options. The easiest is to use an existing platform and create your profile, the next option might be to work with a website builder such as Magento, Shopify or newer solutions like Squarespace and the hardest solution might be to create your very own e-commerce site.

1. Create your profile on a platform

An existing platform has the advantage that an infrastructure is already in place and that there is activity selling and buying. By creating your profile you are adding one more offer to the already existing selection and you gain access to the buyers who are already active on the marketplace. There are many different platforms out there and some, like ourselves here at FashionTrade, specifically specialise in fashion trading.
We at FashionTrade offer brands and retailers access to a broader customer base, usable market insights, and the ability to run their business on-the-go, 24/7. Our simple to use, fashion-specific marketplace is the key to smarter trading, saving time and money and ensuring the successful future of fashion wholesaling and multi-brand retailing.

2. Create your site with a website builder

Another option using existing infrastructure is recurring to a website builder like Shopify, Magento or newer options like Squarespace. This is easy and does not require any technical skills – just about any person versed in using the computer and the internet can manage to create an own site, equipped with intro pages, product pages with imagery, pricing options, cart and checkout processes with diverse payment gateways / options to choose from.
If you are fine with a standardised solution or want to start quickly, creating your wholesale site to get the first sales, recurring to a website builder is a good idea!

3. Create your own e-commerce site

The most custom solution is to create your very own e-commerce site. This will let you be flexible in adding any content you want, synchronising it with your existing b2c website and adapting to new trends or technology quickly. However, it is also the solution that will bind most of your resources and be the most cost intensive. If you are ready for this commitment, take a look at existing solutions and competitors to create a more precise catalogue of requirements your new wholesale e-commerce site should fulfil.

Get started with your wholesale site

So which option do you choose? How about starting out with the easiest and most reliable solution by working with an already existing system by signing up to fashionTrade? We are in a closed beta phase, testing our products with a selected group of founding partners and you can request your invite here.

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