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How to: Create your digital showroom

Have you thought about developing your own digital showroom, but were lacking the time and resources to do so properly? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! The latest feature on fashionTrade allows you to create your own brand showroom in just a few clicks.
A fashion digital showroom has the same objectives as your regular showroom: showcasing your newest collections, sharing the story behind it and emphasising your brand DNA. But having a digital showroom comes with a few extra benefits:

  • reach all your retailer partner 24/7 – especially useful for those who can’t travel to your physical showroom. And with more and more drops being added to the calendar, we know this will become even more relevant.
  • show your collection to more potential new partners. For them, visiting your digital showroom will, of course, be less of a commitment than travelling to your office. As such, they will be more likely to give your products a first look.
  • share your collections digitally before meeting buyers face to face. Your partners can take more time to create the perfect assortment for their shop and your face-to-face meetings will be more productive. That’s a win-win for everybody.
  • enable your repeat customers to easily get re-inspired, search and buy from all your collections whenever they want to restock.

Would you like to know what your brand showroom could look like and how you can create it? Just watch our short video below for a clear overview of our favourite feature (so far!).


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