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Meet the Team | Kavita

We talk a lot about the fashion industry, presenting new brands, retailers and trends to you and we keep going on and on about technology and how to make use of tech you are using in your private space for your business as well.
So, how do we actually do it? Do we follow our own example? Let’s take a look behind the scenes of fashionTrade with our monthly spotlight on a member of the team!

Maaike, Kavita and Oss, fashionTrade
From left to right, Maaike, Kavita and Oss

 Today marks the first of many more interviews with our team. Who is behind the company building such an awesome product? To kick things off, we would like to present Kavita, our Marketing Manager who joined the team just last month.

Kavita is our brand champion and ensures we are visible on- and offline across a number of international markets. She scouted fashionTrade via the agency Movers & Shakers and took an immediate interest in the company because of the blend between fashion & technology. Previously she worked for Marlies Dekkers and the fashion startup, Fashionchick – both which gave her great insight into not only the fashion industry, but also the ways in which technology can help traditional fashion brands and retailers grow their business and potential.
There is no doubt that Kavita is truly passionate about ensuring the fashion industry keeps up with each and every technological advance – and of course, ensuring it’s always done in style.

Describe your average day at fashionTrade:

I start my days at 9:00am and jump straight into a bowl of muesli & yoghurt as I run through my emails, industry news and prioritise the tasks for the day. I’m a social person so I’m also up for a bit of a chat with my Sales colleagues about what’s what in the world.
As a company, we organise our workloads on Trello. I always start by moving tasks from “working on” to “done” and then from “next” to “working on”. It gives me a clear overview of the priorities and how productive I am during the day. Of course, in Marketing there are often long-term projects that can’t be completed within a day or two – so I really strive to break projects into bite sized pieces so that there is always a level of achievement and completion at the end of a day.
It’s at this point, that my days tend to differ greatly. I can be working on any number of tasks including:

  • Maintaining and expanding of our Facebook & Instagram channels (mainly hassling the team to let me take pictures of them!)
  • Creating sales materials such as fly-outs, presentation decks and newsletter updates
  • Planning of on and offline advertising media via magazines, fashion trade shows, for Facebook and blogs
  • Creating company guidelines and strategies for design, style, language and communications
  • Thinking about fun content we can create to promote brands and retailers not only within the platform, but outside of it
  • Meeting with creatives in graphic design and photography about our branding projects

I usually finish work around 5:30pm during the week and make my way to Amsterdam Central Station – past M&S (of course) to pick up something delicious to cook for dinner. On Friday’s I am always up for a celebratory drink and will catch up with girlfriends here in Amsterdam. There’s always plenty of options just around the corner.

What does your desk look like?

I’ve been part of the team for just over 1 month, so I am still playing it cool and sticking to the rules of a clean and clear desk space as you can see.

But… it’s what’s under the desk that is more important. Handbag, extra pair of shoes, boxes of flyers and business cards and whatever online shopping purchase arrived that day. The usual.

What is your morning routine like?

I live in a little town outside of Amsterdam (Baarn) so I commute with the train and my morning schedule is pretty much dictated by the train schedule since it runs every 30 minutes.
As an avid fan of a great night’s sleep – 9 hours is my preference –  I squeeze as many minutes out of my morning as possible. The alarm is set for 7:15am and I am out of the door by 7:55am. No time for breakfast of course (that’s why I have it at my desk) but I am definitely not a snooze-er. I couldn’t imagine anything worse actually. Once that alarm goes, I am ready for a new day!

Do you have a favourite place in Amsterdam?

I am a serious brunch-loving girl! I think it’s because it’s so ingrained in Australian culture – so I am thankful that we have plenty of options to choose from here in Amsterdam. Favourites include Bakers & Roasters (be prepared to line-up), Staring at Jacob and Ted’s. Eggs, waffles, pancakes, BACON! Yes please!
I also have Indian heritage and miss my mums cooking dearly – so if you want authentic Indian food, hit up Saravna Bhavan.

Which of the fashiontrade features are you most excited about?

The brand showroom! I just love the fact that each brand will be able to individualise their showrooms to attract not only their current retailers, but potential new partners. I am all about branding and image and look forward to see how the showrooms develop! I have no doubt the technology will be seamless, but of course I want it to be beautiful!

Do you have a favourite ‘focus-song’ during a busy moment at the office?

It’s a music style for me instead of one song. Bossa Nova. It calms and focuses me like nothing else and I don’t even recall how or why I stumbled into it. My Beats headphones are essential to remove all background noise though!

When there are too many post-its and ideas flowing – How do you like to distract yourself?

My friends and family are the biggest part of my out-of-office life and getting in touch with them is a sure fire way to let go and recalibrate. Great conversation, food and wine can send me straight back onto the right (bike) path!

For all Marketing related queries, you can email Kavita via kavita.kooijman@fashiontrade.com or check out her LinkedIn profile!

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