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Meet the team | Amanda

Amanda, Customer Success Manager

Today we have the pleasure to talk with Amanda, one of our Customer Success Manager. Amanda is front and centre ensuring our brands and retailers have the best experience using fashionTrade.

Amanda grew up in Zoetermeer, a suburb just outside of The Hague, studied Business Administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and while most of her fellow classmates went on to start careers in banking, she was simply attracted to fashion.
To pursue her fashion dream further, she moved to London – dedicating 18 months to studying Strategic Fashion Marketing and has since worked in various fashion-related positions from buyer to marketing manager before joining fashionTrade.

Describe any regular day at FT for you:

Each and every day I learn something new from not only our brand and retail partners, but also from my colleagues. That’s the best thing of being part of a startup team! Even though we do have some small routines, every day is always seen as a new opportunity. When I arrive at the office I grab breakfast, set up my computer and step straight into a daily on-boarding standup. It’s called a standup because we literally stand up in the meeting to avoid it becoming too long.

We race through the major focus points regarding the brands that are on-boarding and check we are all on the same page for our tasks for the day. I work closely with Maaike – our other Customer Success Manager and at the moment we are mostly busy preparing documents and guides for the fashionTrade features that we want to educate our customers on.  As a Customer Success Manager, customers are of course my #1 priority day in and out. I always place myself in the shoes of our brand and retail managers – asking myself what they need and expect from fashionTrade. There’s never a dull day!

What is your morning routine?

I travel to Amsterdam from Rotterdam every day, my mornings are basically a rushed blur. I leave the house at 7:15 a.m., jump on a tram, put on my make-up (a great skill when you’re on a moving tram) and race to the train. The train journey is 45 minutes so sometimes I’ll catch up on a tv episode (currently watching Orange Is the New Black) or else I’ll try to catch some extra sleep. I arrive at fashionTrade HQ around 8:45 a.m. but to be honest I’m not much of a morning person – so I really don’t waste any time in the mornings and just want to hit the ground running.

What are your hotspot tips in Rotterdam?

My favourite place in Rotterdam is the Witte de Withstraat – it’s a great street with a bunch of bars, restaurants and all kinds of festivals, art galleries… It’s a relaxed setting to have casual drinks with friends. I also like walking alongside the river Maas, it’s always a perfect view and calms me down.

And what does your desk look like?

My desk looks really boring and doesn’t reflect my personality right now because I am really trying to keep it clean! We each have a big black box underneath our desks – so that’s where you’ll be able to dig through all my clutter. On my desk you’ll find my docking station, laptop and the screen. I am either very organised or very chaotic – with me there doesn’t seem to be a way in the middle. So for now, I am only working with the main things plus a few papers for notes and my phone!

Which of the FT features are you most excited about?

Our “Connecting” feature! It enables the buyers and brands to search for and request a connection with new partners!
In the past they would have only been able to meet and connect with new brands at trade shows but we want to make it more cost efficient and quicker for both brands and retailers! By giving them the opportunity to discover each other online, the assortments retailers can provide to their consumers will also diversify! Normally, retailers are dependent on agents and distributors for the brands they are placing in their stores. So for end customers – stores can feel somewhat the same. At fashionTrade we really want to make it easier for retailers to widen their assortment and offer something fresh to customers.

Connecting also gives Brands the chance to internationalise into new markets by directly contacting retailers they would love to work with. They can check a retailers profile and determine for themselves (very quickly) whether or not there is a link between the retailer and their brand. Currently it’s difficult for Brands to do as they often don’t have the market knowledge or rely on distributors for feedback. On fashionTrade they can take matters into their own hands!

Favorite focus-song during a busy moment at the office?

When I really have to focus, I put on my headphones and listen to the radio for a bit of background noise. For major focus moments I listen to the playlists of Vunzige Deuntjes and Zsa Zsa Su, which are not really calming and intellectual – but it works well for me.

When there are too many post-its and ideas flowing - how do you like to distract yourself?

I always re-organise my to do list. Sometimes I end up having five to-do lists in different places: handwritten on paper, emailed to myself, kept as cards on a Trello board or even introduced as tasks on Salesforce. When I have too much going on in my head, I sit down and make an overview of everything. Then I’m good to go again!

A big thanks to Amanda for taking the time to answer our questions. 

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