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Meet the team | Bas

Product Manager

Today we have the pleasure to chat with Bas, the second Product Manager to join fashionTrade after Dan. Passionate and (very experienced) about mobile, Bas joined the team to, among other things, develop our IOS app. He combines the perfect mix of tech and fashion as he personally owns almost 90 pairs of sneakers! Read our interview below to learn more about Bas and our company culture. 

Annemieke, Martijn, Bas, from fashionTrade
From left to right: Annemieke (Head of Operations), Martijn (Lead Front-End Developer) and Bas.

Hi Bas, what is your role at fashionTrade? And what did you do before? 

I am a Product Manager (aka Product Owner) and before joining fashionTrade, I worked as a Product Owner at ticketscript (which is now Eventbrite) and The Mobile Company (a mobile app agency), both based in Amsterdam. 

How do you split the workload between yourself and Dan, our other Product Manager?

We have divided our development teams into 4 teams: onboarding, connecting, trading and mobile. I am responsible for the trading and mobile teams. Dan, our other Product Manager is responsible for the other two. We catch-up weekly to look at our roadmap and align. The aim is to identify dependencies between teams that could cause issues and slow down our work. We also have regular ad-hoc meetings throughout the week to discuss more specific topics – and of course we also attend meetings in which company-wide topics are discussed.

Describe a regular day for you at the office.

I start my day with a double espresso and going through my emails and Slack, our internal chat. Then I catch-up with the trading and mobile teams at 10, for our daily stand-up. The rest of my day is mostly made up of meetings with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders: designers, developers, customers, management, or people applying for a job at fashiontrade, to name just a few. The entire company has a catered lunch at 12.
The rest of my time is spent on writing user stories, testing, sketching, refinement sessions, alignment with colleagues or traveling to and from customers in case there is a meeting outside of the office. Each day is different at fashionTrade!

Tell us one thing you particularly like about fashionTrade, that you never had in your previous job(s)?

The developers at fashionTrade release their work to production themselves. This is refreshing and explains why the delivery cycle is extremely quick. It is the fastest I have ever experienced in a company. I also love the fact that everyone works on-site in our Amsterdam-based headquarter. There is no need to use hangouts or Skype, we just use face to face communication. Did I mention that we have 14 nationalities in the office? I learn a lot from them and give free Dutch lessons in return 😉

What is your favourite fashionTrade feature?

Our mobile application of course! It enables brands to take their showroom selling process online and to optimise the in-person time they spend with retailers. No more wasted time on paper note-taking or other administrative tasks. This really is a game-changer for the way fashion brands manage their relationship with buyers.

fashionTrade mobile app

What is your favourite digital tool?

At work, ProdPad, a Product Management Software. In my personal life, a weather app called Regenmeldig (I cycle 15km from my house to work every day, so avoiding the rain is always nice). But overall, my favourite app is Marktplaats. It is the absolute digital tool for buying and selling everything, I use it every day.

What is your favourite focus song?

Any song by Boards Of Canada.

Tell us one unexpected thing your colleagues don’t know about you? 

There is more than one, actually. I have a masters degree in Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology and I can DJ with vinyl. I also own about 90 pairs of sneakers, but my colleagues already know that because I wear a different one to work every single day 🙂

sneakers collection

What is your next holiday destination?

I’m heading to Austria and Slovenia this summer. I love nature and the mountains: I used to go there a lot when I was a kid. Now I am taking my wife and 2 boys there.

Big thanks to Bas for taking the time to sit with us. Interested in our other colleagues? Read more interviews on our blog:

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