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Meet the team | Daniel

Product Lead

Today we had the chance to chat with the man behind our great product: Daniel (aka Dan). He might be the second Daniel and the second Australian to join FashionTrade, but he is our one and only Product Manager! Dan moved to Amsterdam just over 4 years ago and joined the FashionTrade team 2 months ago and has been loving both so far!

Hi Dan, what exactly is your role at fashionTrade? And what did you do before?

My role is Product Lead which basically means I drive and implement fashionTrade’s product strategy with the help of every team in the business. 
I’ve had quite a diverse career in some big and small companies. I started at British American Tobacco and held a number of IT roles there from business analyst to IT manager to project manager and product manager. My job previous to fashionTrade was at a bank here in Amsterdam where I was primarily Product Owner for their website and responsible for their digital marketing. I’ve also done some work with startups in the past.
I decided to join fFashionTrade because I really loved working with startups and having a product focus. I like fashion and could see the market opportunities for the product we’re building. I’d say I finally nailed down my “dream job”.

Describe a regular day for you at the office.

It’s pretty cliche, but everyday is genuinely different. The morning always starts with standups but then I could move to meeting with different departments within fashionTrade like Sales or Customer Success or discussing specific features with the development team or discussing designs for upcoming features with our UI/UX team. We’re also growing quickly, so I’m often in job interviews with potential candidates.

Tell us one thing you particularly like about fashionTrade, that you never had in your previous job(s)?

Well, from a culture perspective I had a very good first impression. Before I started atfFashionTrade I was invited to join the team’s Summer Party which included some team building exercises (like making Pasta – yum!). That meant that I already knew everyone in the office before my first day!

On a practical level, it’s great to have everyone working in the same office and to have an internal development team. Previously I’ve worked with remote teams more often than working in the same office and it makes a huge difference when you can just walk over to someone to talk to them.

What is your favourite digital tool?

Device-wise that would be my iPhone. For work, I really love both Intercom and Zapier – they are awesome apps and great companies who have nailed their markets.

What is your favourite focus song?

It depends on what I’m doing – for retention and focus any kind of Baroque music is great, but usually, I’ll throw on a house and/or techno mix on SoundCloud if I’m doing admin-type tasks.

Tell us one unexpected thing your colleagues don’t know about you?

I think my colleagues already know me pretty well, but most probably don’t know I’m a mad football supporter. My favourite team is Napoli.

Do you have a favourite quote?

I would have googled “inspiring quotes” and probably seen lots of posts from Facebook or Instagram, which I hate. Actually, my favourite is a Dutch one that I see when I play squash ‘niet geschoten is altijd mis’.  It means that if you don’t try, you’ve already failed.

What is your next holiday destination?

Hamburg, Germany!

Big thanks to Dan for taking the time to sit with us. Like what you read and are keen to work alongside him on our product? 

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