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Meet the team | Dom

Dom, Business Analyst

Today, we have the pleasure to talk with Dom, our Business Analyst. Born and raised in London, Dom moved to Amsterdam a few months ago to join our international team. He plays an important role in building ambitious, yet realistic targets for the company, assessing our performance and guiding us towards more data-driven decisions. Dom is not only our go-to person for numbers and reporting, but he also used to play in a garage band (how British of him!). Read our full interview to learn a little more.

Dom, during our last Summer party

Hi Dom, what exactly is your role at fashionTrade? And what did you do before?

I am the business analyst here at fashionTrade and I am responsible for all business reporting. This involves gathering and reporting data on fashionTrade’s performance, comparing them against our targets and commenting on our progress towards our ambitions. Through numbers, I commentate on the progression of the business. My main stakeholders are Genevieve, our CEO, our owners (Zalando and BESTSELLER UNITED) and the managers of the teams here at fashionTrade.

I was previously a financial crime consultant for PwC, advising clients on their controls, making sure they do not onboard people who launder money or finance terrorism.

Describe a regular day for you at the office.

I get in and check my emails and calendar for the day and plan accordingly. Once all correspondence and prep for meetings is complete, I will spend most afternoons gathering the right information and either building a dashboard or presenting my findings to whoever is interested. Generally, I am also trying to encourage data-driven decision-making in the whole company.

Tell us one thing you particularly like about fashionTrade, that you never had in your previous job(s)?

Everyone is really valuable to the company and has an important part to play. The hierarchical structure is flat and everyone collaborates to make valuable contributions to a growing and exciting concept. It is super cool to be a part of it!

What is your favourite fashionTrade feature?

The virtual showroom profiles are visually engaging and really allow brands to set themselves apart on the platform. It looks great (as you can see below with our brand partner Jumperfabriken’s showroom). 

Digital showroom Jumperfabriken

What is your favourite digital tool?

Definitely my alarm clock!

What is your favourite focus song?

Miss you by Trentemoller.

Tell us one unexpected thing your colleagues don’t know about you?

I used to perform in a UK garage band. We rejected a single deal from Sony in favour of a album deal and ended up with nothing. We were almost the new Blazin Squad…

Do you have a favourite quote?

Life is too important to be taken seriously.

What is your next holiday destination?

Barcelona! And I am looking forward to it…

Big thanks to Dom for taking the time to sit with us. Like what you read and are keen to work alongside him at fashionTrade? 

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