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Our favourite fashionTrade features from 2017

2017 has been a busy year here at fashionTrade HQ! A growing team that included a fresh, new Product Manager (Dan), as well as a newly appointed CEO: we are continuing to offer you the best fashion wholesale online marketplace! Since last year, our platform has evolved a lot, offering you more sophisticated functionalities making the life of brands and retailers easier. Did you miss our latest product updates? Discover our top 6 features from 2017.

For everybody

#1 Brand and retailer profiles

Creating your brand or retailer profile is the first step to a successful journey on fashionTrade. You can see your profile as your passport to the world of fashion wholesale: it contains your logo, hero picture, biography, price range and contact details. In addition, Brands can add their markups and Retailers their shop(s) details and Facebook and Instagram handle. Your profile is the first thing a new partner will see when searching to connect with you, so don’t forget to add your latest marketing materials and any eye-catching information! 
Extra good news: we made it even easier for you to update your profile. Are you still hesitant? Watch our How to: videos to master your brand profile or retailer profile.

#2 Connect

At fashionTrade, we get really excited about bringing together new, relevant business partners. This is why our Connect feature allows you to search for new partners based on location and product categories. Have you found the perfect partner? Just hit the ‘connect’ button and wait for your invitation to be accepted. To make their life even easier, Brands also can search for new partners on our Retailer map!
Hot Tip: Don’t forget to add your shops’ addresses to be findable on the map!



For Brands

# 3 Brand Showroom

Having a Brand profile is great, but having your own Digital Showroom is even better! 
Have you been eyeing a digital showroom for your Brand, but are stuck without the time or resources to develop one? Our latest feature allows you to create several showrooms in just a couple of minutes. You can fill your showrooms with your collections that link directly to the styles you currently have available to sell. 
Would you like to see more? Take a quick tour below.


#4 Order API

On fashionTrade, brands can connect with new partners but more importantly also sell their collections. This means that having up-to-date style and product information is very important. In order to do that, you can update your excel file and send it to us or you can use our order API and let technology (and our team) do all the work for you. The API will connect your system to our platform and automatically import any new data.
Want to know more? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


For Retailers

#5 Delivery Window Shopping

Does the delivery window of your products influence your wholesale purchase? If so, you will be pleased by two of our features from 2017:

  1. A filter that allows you to shop by delivery window on the product search page.
  2. The delivery month is now visible in your basket and order overview, making it even easier for you to plan and follow your orders and deliveries.

#6 Multi-Shop Buying

You know we are all about making fashion wholesale easier. This is why retailers can now buy for their multiple shops at the same time and choose the individual delivery addresses. To do so, share the information of your different shops in your retailer profile. When adding a style to your basket, you will be able to choose the delivery location. This information will also appear in your checkout, order overview and confirmation email.



Of course, we have loads of other cool features from 2017 including: promotion tagging for brands, prepack uploads and email notifications allowing you to stay up to date with your activity on the platform. We can’t wait for you to use them and reach out to us with any feedback. If you are in the mood to do so, login to your account right now
But most importantly: stay tuned in 2018 as we continue to drop new features monthly that continue making your life (and business) easier and more efficient!

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