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The art of following up

How to follow-up with someone you have just met?

We believe it is through staying in touch and creating a long-lasting relationship. No matter if you have met someone at a friend’s party, a business networking event or even online in a forum, it is nice to remember this person from time to time. Not just when you need him or her. We want to give you three pieces of advice today.

  1. Relevant, customized, timely communication
  2. Usage of various apps to support you and
  3. Presence on other channels as well.

We hope that these guidelines will help you following-up efficiently with your contacts

A great first impression is important but don’t forget about your new contacts and try to keep the fire burning.

Even over online communication, you can create a connection like you would in a face-to-face conversation. Just like with any relationship, it is important to know what is important to the other person and to create a common ground. In case you are not using any kind of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, we suggest you start organizing your contacts now and have created a short review of CRM tools for you.

A relevant, customized and on-time communication

If you are following up with a prospect you hope to convert into a customer remember that any communication you send out should be relevant to that contact. All communication should be customized and delivered in a timely manner. If you hope to make last sales before the end of the months, consider the other person’s perspective too. Are you sending a relevant message, will the person have time to react and is the news something customized to them?

Make use of apps such as Rapportive, Leadfuze or Streak

In addition to your own knowledge, you can use tools like Rapportive, Leadfuze or Streak to centralize all available information about your contact in one place. These tools are all useful in gathering more information on your prospects, sending emails and following up with them. Rapportive is made for Gmail. You can connect it easily to your Google Account and integrate it seamlessly into your inbox, without the need of using another program. Streak is another useful plugin for Gmail. In case you are not using a dedicated CRM solution, Streak will help you set up sales stages, automatic responses and simple workflow to use your email program to its fullest.

Be present and connect on other channels as well

Following up doesn’t necessarily have to be via email, the phone or traditional mailings (even though these might, unfortunately, be rarer and rarer – maybe that could be something for you?), you could use social media channels like Linkedin, Xing, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook as well. These will be good ways of connecting on a more personal rather than professional level but it might not suit all. Be vary in using personal accounts based on your own gut feeling with your contact.

These are just 3 simple pieces of advice on how to follow-up with contacts you have gathered at a trade show, through your personal network or online through a form.


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