Brand highlight | Bastet Noir brings the G.L.A.M

Based in Macedonia, Bastet Noir describes itself as a ‘kickass tailor-made online shop’! And its founder, Daniela Milosheshka, is definitely a true innovator and entrepreneur.
Initially designed as an e-commerce platform where Balkan designers could sell their products, Bastet Noir quickly turned into a tailor-made shop. The reason behind this new direction?

‘I noticed that customers were looking for affordable made-to-measure designs and were willing to spend more money on that’, said Daniela.

It proved to be a very successful business decision as Bastet Noir now exports to 4 continents and was just recently described as ‘the new destination for fashionistas’ by the Huffington Post.
At fashionTrade, we are on a mission to bring the best of fashion to your retail shop and we are pleased to count Bastet Noir as one of our brands. Take a peek at their latest styles below before logging into fashionTrade, connecting with them and buying your favourites for the shop floor.

La Vie en Rose Capsule Collection

An eye-catcher with an array of vibrant red dresses and jumpsuits, this collection was designed as a tribute to femininity, boldness and uniqueness. We think these are motivations that will truly resonate with the customer seeking something out of the ordinary.
As a retailer, you can benefit from a markup of 2.5 if you order more than 50 pieces from Bastet Noir.

More from the Bastet Noir collection

Bastet Noir has a wide collection of dresses and jumpsuits to share with you. Login and view the full collection on fashionTrade.

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