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The smart and simple solution for B2B trading.

fashionTrade is a trading platform that digitises the selling process between you and your retailers.

Connect and transact 24/7
around the world
Save on sales tools, catalogues sampling, travel and showrooming.
View your retailers and
order overviews in one place.
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fashionTrade for your brand.

Take everyday wholesale trading to the next level.

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Improve your bottom line.

Reduce the time and cost of your total sales cycle – from customer acquisition to the showroom to the ordering process.

  • Extend selling windows – capture and finalise orders before you purchase samples and decide on production.
  • Sell on-the-spot in the showroom or on the shop floor.
  • Reduce duplicate, cancelled and style selection errors in the ordering process.
  • Process and confirm orders faster.
  • Search and connect with a marketplace of retailers in one-click.

A digital showroom that shines.

Work smarter and more simply to improve your bottom line without sacrificing your branded content and story. Your fashionTrade digital showroom revolutionises traditional buying and selling. 

  • Create your showroom simply within minutes. 
  • Present products in a manner that reflects your brand story with the greatest accuracy. 
  • Control the showrooms you display – be it by collection, season, product, colour or style. 
  • Share photos, videos and social feeds to bring your brand to life.

Give your retailers a 5* experience.

Motivate and excite retailers to buy your collections online.

  • Improve your retailers’ buying experience by offering 24/7 access to your brand story and products.
  • Make and share order proposals ahead of showroom appointments. Create more value from face-to-face time by reducing unnecessary administration.
  • Use the fashionTrade App to offer hassle-free ordering in the showroom or re-ordering from the shop floor.

Do not forget fashionTrade is free for your retailers to join and use!