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Your digital showroom on fashionTrade.

Launch yourself into the world of digital wholesaling by creating a digital showroom that markets your brand to a world of retailers.


Expand your brand visually with a digital showroom.

As a fashion brand, your showroom plays a key part in your marketing and selling process. This is where you share your brand DNA, present and sell your latest collections and connect with buyers. Your aim is to maximise the visibility of your showroom and have it visited by as many relevant buyers as possible. 

Creating your own digital showroom on fashionTrade will help you reach this objective.  Expanding your physical showroom online will bring customers closer to your brand and help you communicate more effectively to sell more product in less time.

Why should every fashion brand have a digital showroom?

Improve your time-to-market.

In the current context where end-consumers expect new collections on a regular basis, many brands are responding to the demand by creating an increased number of collections and drops – each with a shorter selling window. Unfortunately, a majority of retailers do not have the time or money to travel to a physical showroom every time a new collection is available. This results in missed sales opportunities as brands do not have the appropriate tools to properly display and sell their collections remotely.

The fashionTrade digital showroom can complement your physical showroom, allowing you to:

  • Share your latest collections instantaneously and remotely to all your customers.
  • Maximise sales as buyers can buy whenever and wherever they want, without having to travel to your showroom.

Prospect new retailers.

We understand that expanding into new markets is a resource-heavy process. Convincing foreign buyers to travel to your showroom is challenging, while going to trade shows is expensive (and only happens seasonally). 

On fashionTrade, you can search for new retailers based on market segment and location. Once you have made a successful connection, you can share your digital showroom with new buyers, allowing them to browse and buy from your available collections.

They can view your showroom in just a few clicks, from their office, home or on-the-road. A digital showroom gives your collections greater visiblity which ultimately can lead to more trading opportunities.

Digital showroom fashion

Serve your long-tail retailers.

Of course, you want all of your retailers to be able to experience your brand showroom, but in reality, there is only so much time and it may not be commercially feasible. By providing access to your digital showroom on fashionTrade, you are able to serve your full spectrum of retailers.

With your digital showroom, all your retailers from across the globe can enjoy your showroom experience whenever and from wherever they want. It is a win-win situation that improves the retailer’s experience, generates more sales and can strengthen established business relationships.

Offer an easy, omnichannel experience to your customers.

B2C fashion processes have evolved greatly over the last 10 years. End-consumers want to be able to buy whenever and wherever they want driving omni-channel forward for retailers. They expect a seamless and consistent experience whether they choose to buy in-store or online from their desktop or mobile phone.

B2B buying expectations are increasingly similar. People expect B2C experiences within the B2B world. By using fashionTrade, you not only offer your digital showroom and product catalogue via desktop, but also within a mobile App. Give buyers the options they want so they can browse and buy whenever and wherever they want.

The digital showroom by fashionTrade.

fashionTrade was born out of the fashion industry. We understand that a showroom needs to be both inspirational and informative. The buyer needs to feel the brand DNA, understand the inspiration behind a collection, while at the same time receiving all the information they need to place an order.

 We developed our digital showroom with all of these needs in mind. Within our brand showroom, you can:

• Express your brand DNA via your social feeds, videos, lookbooks and marketing material.
• Organise product collections based on season, gender, colour, product category or delivery window.
• Limit resource-heavy set-up or maintenance. You simply need to login into fashionTrade.

The digital showroom feature is accessible for free to all our brand partners. 


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