FashionTrade | An Introduction is the fashion wholesale marketplace where brands and retailers connect, trade and grow. 

We offer brands and retailers access to a broader customer base, usable market insights, and the ability to run their business on-the-go, 24/7. Our simple to use, fashion-specific marketplace is the key to smarter trading, saving time and money and ensuring the successful future of fashion wholesaling and multi-brand retailing.

The FashionTrade platform works according to three main pillars that accelerate sales for your fashion business:

  • ConnectContinue growing relationships with existing partners, and allow new retailers and brands to find and reach out to you. Customise your own profile and browse profiles that fit with your concept and customers. With just one click, reach out to make a new connection!
  • Trade: Reduce costs and save time buying & selling in a digital showroom that offers a multi-partner solution. Prepare your showroom visits online and place orders directly in-app! Replenishment is also easy with all your suppliers and previous orders in one overview. 
  • GrowEnjoy a historical overview of all your transactions and incorporate market insights to develop irresistible assortments for your customers. We help you make the right decisions – resulting in a stronger and more cost-efficient offering. online platform

For Brands

Brands can create and showcase their own digital showrooms and manage existing accounts whilst also reaching out to new partners through the FashionTrade network. Segmentation of retailers and their access to the buying range, creation of custom line sheets and simple replenishment buying are all reasons to join! Ultimately, brands can reduce the cost of selling, increase their customer base and discover new opportunities to grow business based on real data insights.

For Retailers

FashionTrade gives retailers a central place to manage all their wholesale buying in a free-to-use, efficient and easy-to-use platform. Retailers can shop per brand collection, item, colour or style across multiple brands digitally – benefitting from up-to-date stock availability and promotions. Reaching out to relevant new brands online saves time and travel costs whilst sell-through data insights enable you to make smarter buying decisions.

What technology do we use?

Our core technology is a highly advanced cloud-based platform developed specifically for the B2B fashion industry. We are search and data-driven at our core and via strategic collaborations, we have developed a highly scalable, always accessible platform that will present a digital showroom, enable B2B buying and selling, facilitate partner searches and connections as well as providing dashboards of activity and data insights. It’s a fantastic opportunity for fashion brands and retailers to access the height of technology they might not otherwise have been able to create for themselves. on iPad

What is the future of fashion wholesale?

FashionTrade is responding to a shift in the industry landscape. It is a shift towards digital solutions that enable and improve the scalability and efficiency of fashion brands and retailers alike.
With the rapid evolution and adoption of consumer e-commerce, many fashion companies have vastly improved their online offerings. Whilst these have resulted in huge technology improvements for consumer retailing, fashion wholesale retail has unfortunately remained fairly unchanged.  Relying solely on trade shows to build network relationships, shipments of samples and manual order placement according to fixed cycles (amongst a myriad of other stagnant processes) promotes inflexibility and inefficiency.
We believe the time is right to redefine the value digital solutions have in fashion wholesale so that brands and retailers can increase their overall supply-chain efficiency. Freeing time and resources to focus on innovating within their segment is invaluable!

“The time has come for the fashion industry to embrace technology and revolutionise their ways of working.”

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