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1.0 Collection of personal data

1.1 FASHIONTRADE.COM B.V. Vijzelstraat 68, 1017 HL Amsterdam, Holland collects and processes personal data in accordance with applicable data protection law.

1.2 At FASHIONTRADE.COM we take privacy and security concerns seriously. At the same time, we would like to give you the best possible experience when visiting our websites. Therefore, we collect some information that we use when you are shopping on This could for example be information on which pages you go to and which features you click on.

1.3 You will be notified before any personal data about you is collected. The personal data we collect includes your name, phone number, e-mail address, address, shopping information and your payment details.

1.4 FASHIONTRADE.COM collects and processes personal data in accordance with applicable data protection law.

2.0 What does use the data for?

2.1 Data will be used to register and validate you as a User. In addition collected data will be used to give Users the best user experience, to provide Users with a wide range of useful personalized information.

2.2 FASHIONTRADE.COM uses User’s information for: verifying a potential User’s identity and whether he or she fulfills requirements, processing the registration of a User, providing the User with user and password, payment execution and maintaining the registration and financial administration, if a User provides a credit or debit card, using third parties to check the validity of the sort code, account number and card number a User submits in order to prevent fraud, providing Users with customer service and responding to User’s questions, feedback or claims, provides commercially relevant information to Users, facilitating communication between Users, including posting of opinions, material or other content and product or service offering placement, performing research or statistical analysis in order to improve the content and layout of the websites, to improve product offerings and services and for marketing and promotional purposes, performing analysis on information of credit agencies and chambers of commerce on Users, and ratings and reviews of Users on other Users, in order to classify Users.

3.0 Cookies

3.1 FASHIONTRADE.COM uses cookies to give you the best possible experience when you visit our website. A cookie is a small text file which is attached to your computer’s hard disk, smartphone or other IT equipment. It enables your computer/IP address to be recognised and information to be collected regarding the pages and functions you visit.

3.2 The first time you visit our website, you will see a banner at the top with the statement that we use cookies. If you do not want us to use cookies at all, you must deactivate cookies in your browser. However, you should be aware that in this case there may be services and functions which you cannot use as they require cookies to remember the choices you are making. You can follow the link below if you would like instructions on how to delete cookies from your browser.

3.3 FASHIONTRADE.COM uses cookies to give you a better user experience on our website, to remember the choices you are making when you use our website, for example choice of country, and for ongoing improvement of the content and functions you experience on our website. We also use cookies to target our marketing so that it matches your requirements, and to generate statistics regarding the use of our website.

3.4 Some cookies are kept until you close down your browser, while others are kept for longer.

3.5 FASHIONTRADE.COM makes use of third-party cookies. A third-party cookie is a cookie which is installed by someone other than FASHIONTRADE.COM, such as other websites which provide content for our website, suppliers of some of our functions on the website or analysis programmes.

3.6 If you use a link from FASHIONTRADE.COM’s websites to a third-party’s website, you should be aware that new cookies may be used over which FASHIONTRADE.COM has no influence. In this case you should investigate the website’s cookie policy yourself.

How to set your browser so cookies are not stored on your computer

3.7 You should be aware that if you choose to deactivate cookie storage in your browser, we cannot give you the best possible user experience on our website.

Internet Explorer

This is how to remove existing cookies:

  • Click on ‘Tools’ in the command bar to the far right / ‘Internet Options’ / ‘General’ / ‘Delete’ / then tick ‘Preserve Favorites website data’ and ‘Cookies’ / ‘Delete’ / ‘OK’.
  • This is how to avoid storing cookies in the future:
  • Click on ‘Tools’ in the command bar to the far right / ‘Internet Options’ / ‘Privacy’ / under ‘InPrivate’ tick ‘Do not collect data for use by InPrivate Filtering / ‘OK’.

Mozilla Firefox

This is how to remove existing cookies:

  • Click on tools in the menu bar / ‘Options’ / ‘Privacy’ / ‘Remove individual cookies’ / ‘Remove All Cookies’.
  • This is how to avoid storing cookies in the future:
  • Click on ‘Tools’ in the menu bar / ‘Options’ / ‘Privacy’ / and tick ‘Tell websites I do not want to be tracked’.

Google Chrome

This is how to remove existing cookies:

  • Click on the tools icon at the top in the menu bar / ‘Tools’ / ‘Clear browsing data’ / and tick ‘Empty the cache’ and ‘Delete cookies and other sites data’ / ‘Clear browsing data’.
  • This is how to avoid storing cookies in the future:
  • Click on the ‘Chrome menu’ icon in the browser tool bar / Settings’ / ‘Show advanced settings’ / ‘Privacy’ / ‘Content settings’ / ‘Cookies’ / ‘Block cookies by default’.

4.0 Security

4.1 FASHIONTRADE.COM has implemented a number of security measures to ensure that our internal procedures comply with the security standards required in accordance with applicable data protection law. FASHIONTRADE.COM always strives to protect your personal data in the best possible way.

5.0 Your rights

5.1 You are entitled to access data about you which is processed by FASHIONTRADE.COM, however, subject to certain statutory exemptions. You are also entitled to object to the collection and further processing of your personal data. In addition, you are always entitled to have potentially incorrect personal data corrected.

6.0 Change of information or reregistration, etc. 

6.1 If you want us to update, change or delete personal data which we have registered about you or if you do not want to receive additional messages from us or if you have questions regarding the above guidelines, please contact us at

7.0 Transfer to third parties

7.1 To give you the full FASHIONTRADE.COM experience and to validate you as a User we collaborate with partners who may receive your information. This information is always handled with care, but in some occasions may be recorded or shared with authorities.

7.2 As part of an application for membership, FASHIONTRADE.COM may make credit searches about you at credit reference agencies. The agencies will record details of any search whether or not your application succeeds. This information may be used by other subscribers for credit decisions.

7.3 FASHIONTRADE.COM may employ the services of a third party to help us in certain areas, such as website hosting, maintenance, and identity checking. In some cases the third party may receive your information. However, at all times, we will control and be responsible for the use of your information.

7.4 If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information. We and other organizations may also access and use this information to prevent fraud and money laundering.

7.5 We would like to point out that legislation and regulations relating to the safeguarding, processing and transmission of personal data may be different in other countries from the related provisions in the Netherlands. By providing your personal data, you agree to your data being transmitted abroad in accordance with this provision.

8.0 Deletion

8.1 FASHIONTRADE.COM will process and store your personal data for as long as it is necessary and permitted under applicable data protection law.

9.0 Disputes

9.1 Dutch legislation regulates any circumstances or any disputes, which may occur in connection with usage of the website.

10.0 Changes to this privacy statement

10.1 We might change this privacy policy from time to time, so check back regularly.

10.2 If the FASHIONTRADE.COM privacy policy changes in any way, an updated version will be placed on this page. Regularly reviewing this page ensures that you are always aware of what information FASHIONTRADE.COM collects, how FASHIONTRADE.COM uses it and under what circumstances, if any, FASHIONTRADE.COM will share it with other parties.