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The smart and simple way
to buy wholesale fashion.

fashionTrade is a buyer’s best resource.

Multi-door and multi-brand ordering with one login.

Buy 24/7 from
wherever you are.

Reduce costs, improve
efficiencies and buy more smartly.

Discover new brands
from around the world

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Buying has never been
faster or easier.

fashionTrade is a trading platform that digitises the buying process between you and your brands.

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Buying made simple.

Stop handwriting orders, flipping through lookbooks and logging into multiple ordering tools in one buying session.

On fashionTrade you can:

  • View brand collections, plan assortments and pre- and re- order across multiple brands in a single basket.
  • Limit your travel spend and buy digitally from wherever you are.
  • Don’t miss branded campaign content via video, look books and social feeds in a brands digital showroom.
  • Search your style database of connected brands by product or collection and filter to find exactly what you want.

Get more out of your time in the showroom.

  • Receive personalised order proposals to your inbox for easy editing, fast-approval and hassle-free replenishment.
  • Access campaign and product information to be best prepared for your showroom appointments.
  • Place orders together with your sales representative using the scan, select and checkout function in the fashionTrade App.
  • Create more value from face-to-face time by reducing unnecessary administrative burdens.

Stand out from the crowd. Get discovered and build the best brand portfolio.

Share your store with the world and buy smarter to create the best assortments for your customers.

  • Create your retailer profile,  a digital shopfront that provides brands with the necessary information to make an informed decision about partnering with you.
  • Search for and connect with existing partners or find new, unique brands and products from around the world. Our network is open for you to explore.
  • Get a complete overview of current market trends and key offers from multiple brands.

“Improve your efficiency and ask your brand
partners to join you on fashionTrade.”