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Digitise your fashion wholesale buying process.

We believe buying wholesale fashion, from discovery to delivery, should be as smart and as simple as possible.

fashion wholesale buying

What are the benefits of digital fashion wholesale buying?

Wholesale buying traditionally occurred seasonally during trade shows and in physical showrooms. Fashion brands and retailers would meet in busy halls or cramped showrooms with limited time to make large orders. These would be written down on lengthy line sheets and follow-ups would only happen over the phone. Fashion wholesale buying was done in isolation without having access to the overall picture of the portfolio.

As the wholesale industry seeks to improve the time-to-market, retailers need a smart, simple and time-efficient way of buying.
fashionTrade was developed to facilitate wholesale fashion buying in just a few clicks,
either from your mobile or desktop, whenever and wherever you want.

Fashion wholesale buying

Buy the right product at the right time.

There is currently a timing mismatch betweeen the lead times within fashion wholesale buying and the demand for new products by end-consumers. Trends are increasingly short-lived and waiting to buy them in the standard cycle is simply becoming less of an option. Alongside the day-to-day running of your store/s, it is difficult to visit brand showrooms each time a new collection becomes available.

Buying fashion wholesale digitally gives you the flexibility and speed you need to stay competitive in the fast-paced fashion industry. fashionTrade allows you to buy whenever and wherever you want. Do you need to re-order a best-selling shop style? Simply scan the barcode in our mobile App to begin the re-order. Are your customers demanding 90’s inspired t-shirts? Browse the latest collections filtered by “available for immediate delivery”. Digital fashion wholesale buying ensures you always have the best assortment for your customers.

Greater efficiencies.

We understand that retailing is not an easy business. You need to focus on finding the perfect assortment, continuously improving the customer experience and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. You do not have time to login to multiple B2B tools, visit all your brand partner showrooms and try to get a sales representative on the phone to correct a small mistake on a line sheet. At fashionTrade, we know that digital fashion wholesale buying makes life easier. It allows you to:

  • Buy from multiple brands in a single basket with one login.
  • Create order proposals using the “scan and select” functionality in the App.
  • Independently discover collections and compare products.
  • Easily access, share or modify your orders.
  • Avoid mistakes that often happen when placing orders on paper.
  • Reduce your travel budget.
Buying fashion wholesale

Smarter decisions.

As a retailer, you want to offer the right products to your customers.  Would you like to be better prepared and informed when selecting the perfect assortment? fashionTrade believes that showroom and trade show visits should be well-prepared ahead of time in order to be most effective. Use fashionTrade to discover and compare products before your appointments. Your brand partners can also send you proposals with our mobile App, giving you more time to review or edit the assortment before ordering. 

fashionTrade displays a history of your orders so you can easily refer back to them when re-ordering and taking decisions on future assortments. All key information is safely stored in your account and you can access them in a few simple clicks.

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