The three best tips for Pitti Bimbo

Pitti Bimbo in Florence will take place from 19 to 21st of January at the city’s fair and exhibition centre, Fortezza di Basso.  This year marks the 84th time the show takes place and by now it has become almost an institution. As such, we want to pass on our three tips for making the most of Pitti Bimbo to you. Come prepared, schedule your visits strategically and enjoy yourselves even after the fair.

What can you expect to find at Pitti Immagine Bimbo?

Like every year you can find different sections dedicated to different themes throughout the exhibition centre:

  • Fancy Room: The Fancy Room, located on the lower level of the main pavilion is dedicated to children’s lifestyles like small accessories and technology gadgets.
  • The Nest: This segment gives space to creative research in kidswear and puts ‘the spotlight on small independent brands from around the world’. This year the exhibition will feature (among many others) Cherrypapaya from Portugal who is presenting a line with African tribal art, Kalinka Kids from Bulgaria with handmade knitwear in fine Peruvian merino wool, Freesisters, ‘a family brand par excellence’ from Berlin and the fantastic brand Where is Marlo from Switzerland, following the imaginary life of world citizen Marlo.
  • Fun Glasses: For the time Pitti Bimbo will have a new space dedicated to eyewear for children, called Fun Glasses. Instead of focusing on the problem of bad eyesight, Fun Glasses turns eyewear into a desirable accessory.
  • KidzFIZZ: KidzFIZZ will this year be taking up much more space inside the Medici Pavilion and at the Archivi and brings together the most creative collections by brands that experiment with shapes, materials and presentation styles
  • EcoEthic: As the name implies, EcoEthic is a space dedicated to brands who use organic and biological materials that are produced with respect for nature, protecting local manufacturing and small communities.
  • Apartment: This space is dedicated to sophisticated contemporary children’s fashions, furnished according to Ilaria Marelli’s creative project that contains a sophisticated grouping of international clothing and accessory collections aimed at buyers from the most exclusive boutiques. You will find brands such as Belle Enfant, Lamantine Paris & Milan and Owa Yurika.
  • Sport Generation: Cavaniglia Pavilion will be all about sportswear and activewear for the little ones featuring sport’s brands from all around the world.
  • Superstreet: The Superstreet section gives a voice to the denim universe and the street trends of junior and teen clothing featuring brands such as Desigual, Guess and Tinycottons.
  • Fashion at work: A selection of Italian and foreign firms that offer customized services to manufacturers, from mannequins to stitch development and prototypes to shopping bags.

How to make the most of Pitti Bimbo?

1) Come prepared and reach out beforehand

No matter if you are a brand exhibiting or a buyer attending the show to find the newest names for your store, you need to be prepared. Do your homework well in advance and contact with the brands or buyers that you are interested in meeting. If you receive invitations to visit a stand as a buyer or to meet as a brand, be sure to RSVP as soon as possible. You won’t be the only one on that list of invitations.
This is true for any trade show or industry event but probably even more crucial in the case of Pitti Bimbo as the children’s fashion segment is still a small group and as the show lasts only 3 days. The time to interact and mingle is short. Pitti Bimbo as well as other shows, lets you register far in advance and publishes exhibiting companies and attending retailers on the website. Make good use of your online research skills to find the right person to contact and secure a time slot to speak to them.
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2) Plan your visits strategically

Pitti Bimbo is packed with really cool brands, catwalks and other events and that in only three days! So you really need to plan in advance and schedule your appointments strategically so as not to miss anything. Even though the venue is small it tends to get very crowded, so make sure you account for travel time as well.
On the Pitti Bimbo app for your phone but also on their website you can find an overview of the event calendar by day: Give a look at cherry pick your favourite events!
Pitti Bimbo event calendar

3) Have a good time after the show

Who says the show has to end at 18h? Make the most of your stay in Florence, Italy’s city of art, even after the show and connect on a personal level with your new business contacts.
Florence boasts so many good restaurants, it becomes really hard to choose! The region is famous for its bread made without salt that is said to enhance the flavor of any ‘salumi’ you eat with it and for cooking trippa, a type of edible lining from the stomachs of cattle. In most places you will be able to taste La Trippa alla fiorentina, a dish spiced with onions, tomatoes, pepper and lots of parmesan cheese. You can find trippa also in a sandwich form for a quick snack at lunch called Lampredotto. For sweets, do not miss schiacciata alla fiorentina, which used to be typical for Carnival but can now be found throughout the year and the chocolate and cream sweet Torta Pistocchi.
There are numerous museums to visits and streets to stroll – taking in the city’s serene atmosphere will make for a nice change after the hustle-bustle of the trade show. The most known sight, Florence’s cathedral, la Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, also called The Duomo cannot be missed. However around the Renaissance masterpiece there are many other worthwhile sights like the Uffizi Gallery Museum and the fountain of Neptune by Bartolomeo Ammannati on Piazza della Signoria. There, in the city’s heart you will also find Palazzo Vecchio. Dare to wander a bit outside of the main area, cross the river Arno on the beautiful Ponte Vecchio bridge and find your way to Palazzo Pitti, once upon a time the residence of the ruling families of Tuscany, I that has now been turned into an art gallery.
We hope our tips will make your journey to Florence successful! Enjoy the show and what the city has to offer!
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