Wearable happiness made by Chaos & Order

Today we have the pleasure to speak with Miranda Smid, Founder and Designer of Chaos & Order. This Dutch kid brand from stands out with colourful patterns and high-quality materials.

The Chaos & Order collection for girls

Miranda: how did you start Chaos & Order?

The brand initially started as an online brand. We were selling directly to end consumer on our own webshop. Soon the first retailer requests came tumbling in. We realized we were hitting a nerve: we had found a good style that people liked. And so ever since we have continued to develop in this direction: With every new collection we introduce, our customers recognise our colours, our designs and our patterns. Our design is easily recognizable, our patterns stand out as we use a lot of print. This makes us different from other brands. And of course, our quality is very good. We are very focused on the production and as we have worked with our partners in India and Portugal for a very long time, we are able to guarantee the highest standards and to fulfill the same quality season after season. Our clothing are reliable and durable so that they can be handed down from one child to the next. Our customers really appreciate that about us: They can buy one item for the first child and then the second child, years later, can still wear it.”

Can you tell us a bit more about your slogan ‘wearable happiness’?

I think that is how our customers feel about wearing our clothing. As the colors that we use are all so bright, they bring joy. Kids love the bright colors and our material ands shapes allow them to play freely without worrying about the clothing. So this is wearable happiness. The happiness of the kids is the most important to us and parents can use, reuse and combine the clothing because they go well together and are very durable. That’s what we stand for.

Do your customers buy on your website or through the different retail stores?

I would say it is 50-50. As we have our own website we can show our brand very well, really show what we have in mind with the brand and give a good impression to our customers. Nowadays, we sell 50% directly on our own website and another 50% through our retailers.

The Chaos & Order collection for boys

Do you have the impressions that customers see your brand in stores and then buy on your website?

Yes, and I works in both directions. Our customers tell us that they have seen our collection online and then went to a store that carries our brand to feel the fabric, see the texture and colors in day light and of course, also try the clothes on. In fashion this tangible experience is still important, to be able to see and touch, to know what you are buying. However, it has also worked the other way around. Our customers have first discovered Chaos & Order in a offline store but then decide on buying at a later time, through our online shop.

Are you looking to place your collection in more stores maybe even with retailers outside of the Netherlands?

Yes! That is also the main reason why we started working with you at FashoinTrade.com. I think it will really benefit us to find retailers internationally and also a good way to do business online. I really believe in this. People are more and more on their mobiles, on their computer and maybe the trade fairs are even becoming less important. In exchange, more will be done online.

The Chaos & Order collection for girls

Do you see other changes in the future of fashion? Do you think there are other trends that will have an impact on the future of fashion?

I think that there are a lot of competitors for children’s clothing and that this will call for a shift or a new approach. I think it is really important to stay with your own DNA, with your own brand identity. For us, this means the highest quality, colourful prints and well fitting shapes. And we have a little detail by which our customers recognise our clothing: For the girls, we have a butterfly and for the boys, a star on the back. These 2 images are so well known right now that whenever a shopper sees a dress with a butterfly she or he will think of Chaos & Order. I think this is very powerful.

I think that is becoming more and more important and that maybe people will make buying decisions based on their way of living instead of what is fashionable at the moment. Every year ‘fashion’ is presented to us on the catwalk, and brought to masses through brands like Zara or H&M but I think it is also important to be true to your own DNA, to who you are. This will be more important in the future. People have to identify with what they wear and will rely more on personal taste than on current fashion trends.

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us and for sharing the Chaos & Order story with us.

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